WATCH: Donald Trump Spanks Immigration Whiners: “Don’t Like Our Laws? Don’t Come Here!”


If you’re upset with America’s illegal immigration policies, there’s a pretty simple solution: don’t come to America illegally. No, this logical stream is not the same as “If you don’t want an abortion, don’t have one.” In the first case, immigration laws exist to protect natural citizens and the common welfare of a country. In the latter case, an innocent child is butchered so his or her parents can live as they wish. Anyway, here’s Donald Trump delivering the straight dope:

America already has a legal immigration policy in place, which takes into account refugees. So everyone in media, and everyone not in media, crying rivers of tears over how ILLEGAL immigrants are treated, need to find a body of water. Even a puddle will do. Examine the water closely. Check for mosquitoes. Then dive head first into it. Breathe it in. Deeply.

Trump’s biggest campaign talking point was to build the wall, to stem the flow of illegal immigrants flooding across our borders. Trump got elected. Trump, from most appearances at least, is trying to do something about illegal immigration. While the media splatters its feelings all over television, the internet, and onto every squishy-spined, thoughtless dolt who will carry their message. But America has borders and immigration laws for a reason. If you’re an illegal immigrant who doesn’t like those laws, tough toenails. Cry about them in your own country. Leave ours for people willing to follow laws.


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